Bermuda CS stands for Bermuda Creative Suite and is a huge collection of drawing tools for the Sony PSP. Since version 1 it has improved quite a lot. Today, there are the following tools: Pencil, Line-Drawing-Tool, Eraser, Pipette, Stamps, Brush, Fill Bucket, Text tool, Gradient tool, Effects tool, Circle tool, Ellipse tool, Rectangle tool, Zoom tool, Spray tool, Picture Movement tool, Triangle tool, Polygone tool, Colorpicker tool, deactivate/activate USB, set CPU Frequency, Set sensitivity of the cursor, Save images and Load images...
Just grab it, you'll see it's worth downloading...

For noobies there is a kind of videotutorial

-more comfortable Filebrowser with preview
-give your picture a name of your choice
-more interactive settings(the amount of brushes and fonts is set automatically)
-completely new stamps
-new graffiti-tool
-new keyboard graphics
-Keyboard: Delete works now
-decreased circle-lag
-set strength of the circle frame
-set smoothness of the circle
-draw framed and filled circle
-much better gradient-tool
-added transparent workspace
-set the opacity of the picture on your own
-fixed some bugs
-standard cpu-clock is now 333 Mhz
-set the savepath manually
-much better brush-tool
-draw rectangle with gradient
-some new effectdraws

Well, we've already known that xD...but what's new in Bermuda CS 9 Compability Fix?

-Bermuda CS 9 is now compatible with FW 1.0, 1.5(kxploit patch!) and with actually all Custom Firmwares, with PSP Fat and with PSP Slim.
-3 more brushes
-better Eboot design
-fixed Filebrowserbug
-fixed Brushesbug

...and that's it...not that amazing xD. The main fact is that it's now more compatible!


Have fun with Bermuda CS ;)
Any questions? Post them on the

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